Bergen County, State of New Jersey

Collector’s Notice of Lien Sale of Property for Non-Payment of Taxes,

Assessments and other Municipal Charges


Public notice is hereby given that I ,Mary Terraccino, Collector of Taxes of the Township of South Hackensack, in the County of Bergen, State of New Jersey on Wednesday, December 18, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. in the Municipal Complex, 227 Phillips Avenue, South Hackensack, N.J. or at such later time and place to which said sale may then be adjourned, will expose for lien sale and sell the several parcels of land on which taxes and/or other municipal charges remain unpaid for the year 2019 and prior subject to N.J.S.A. 54:5 et seq.  Said properties will be sold subject to redemption at the lowest rate of interest, but in no case shall exceed 18% per Annum.  Payment for liens purchased shall be made via cash, money order, or certified check prior to the conclusion of the sale.  A separate check is required for premiums.

Industrial Properties may be subject to the Spill Compensation and Control Act (N.J.S.A. 58:10-23.11 et seq.), the Water Pollution Control Act (N.J.S.A. 58:10A-1 et seq.) and the Industrial Site Recovery Act (N.J.S.A. 13:1K-6 et seq.).  In addition, the municipality is precluded from issuing a tax sale certificate to any prospective purchaser who is or may be in any way connected to the prior owner of the site. In the event the owner is on active duty with the military, the collector should be notified immediately.

The following is a description of the land and the owner’s name as contained in the list in my office for 2019 delinquent taxes and sewer user charges together with the total amount due thereon with interest and costs computed to December 18, 2019. The names shown are as they appear in the last tax duplicate on file in the tax office. These parties may not be the present owners of the property.  The lands to be sold are as follows:

T = Property Taxes  S = Sewer

Block Lot Qualifier Owner Name Amount Type
    1.02     2 BIG A 388 RT 46 LLC 168.95 S
    2.01    8.04 SMITH, R. T/A MASTERCRAFTS 5,109.99 T
    4     1 SWIONTEK(ETAL), LEONARD 3,046.07 T
   11    15 BLAZESKI, GOCE 2,034.75 T
  13.07    10 SMITH, SHELDON B 727.12 T
   15    19 FANTAUZZI, ANTONIO & CLAIRE 3,763.71 T
  20.02    38 SALAS, E. & A. & LUMBA VINCENT 116.33 T
  33.01     4 DJERDAN LLC 192.20 S
   37    33 VILLALOBOS, OSCAR & WILLIAM 382.06 T
   41    11 SUNDOWN LIMITED, LLC 13,130.36 TS
   47    11 SALTO, LUIS 2,345.40 T
   50   17.01 CRYSTAL PROPERTIES 369.41 S
   52    2.02 60 ROMANELLI AVENUE LLC 23,349.05 TS
   52    2.03 NYCO HOLDING CO. INC. 41,495.17 T
   54    2.01 TWINKS LLC % M. FOLLENDER 13,148.28 TS
  101    10 L.H.K., LLC 2,504.69 TS
  101    13 80 SADDLE RIVER LLC 44,163.85 TS