Terrorism On The Rise

With all the incident’s happening around the world and the country. I am sure this is on everyone’s mind. To make you feel at ease, the township is prepared for anything that may come our way. We work as a team and meet regularly to prepare our town for the unexpected. We have members who have numerous hours of training and knowledge. We prepare, we respond, we recover and mitigate an event/incident.

There are ways that you, your family and neighbors can prepare. If you see something, say something doesn’t second guess yourself. Call the local police or 911. There are two types of warnings they are:

Elevated Alert:   Warns of a credible terrorism threat towards the US
Imminent Alert:  Warns of credible, specific-impending terrorism threat towards the US.

Be prepared:

Plan ahead; anticipate delays, and restrictions on items around populated places at events. There will be extra security as we saw this past Thanksgiving. Be responsible for yourself, your family and neighbors safety. Always make a mental note of Emergency Exits and security personal. Carry an emergency list of contacts, not only in your cell phone but have a paper copy, as you may not be able to charge your phone, If you take any medications, or are allergic to anything, have list with the medicine and dosages as well as pharmacy number and your doctor’s number.


You are encouraged to have an emergency action plan for your employee’s. You should have a preparedness committee set up and review emergency procedure and where your employees are going to meet up if evacuated. The you should meet with all employees and do an exercise such as an evacuation drill, etc.

Both residents and businesses can get the necessary information on ready. gov there are many topics there to help you plan.

You may also call the office of Emergency Management at 201-440-1815 ext. 165, we will return your call, and we also have information on your employee’s becoming CERT Members (Community Emergency Responder Team). We also can be reached by email, at michaelwrd963@gmail.com.

The Emergency Management Team