Kids Need Preparedness Too

Now is the time to talk to your children on being prepared at home or away from home. There are many tools to help you prepare your children for emergencies/disaster. Children may have trouble dealing with such incidents. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network has a free app. that can help you talk to your children regarding a tragic incident/disaster.

Help Kids Cope: will help parents discuss with their children about disasters they may face both at home and away. They also have suggestions on how to best support them throughout whether it’s Shelter in Place at home or school, or evacuating to a shelter/reception center as well as helping your family after being reunited.

FEMA encourages you, your family to begin the conversation by exploring the following web-site.

Another web-site for kids is FEMA for Kids; here they can review disaster preparedness through activities. The web-site is

Above all please sit down with your family and make a plan on what to do if an emergency occurs at home, away from home, school and work. Make a communications plan that someone calls and make sure your safe or have a safe location where you can all meet.

If you need help with disaster preparedness, planning, recovery please contacts our office @ 201-440-1815 Ext. 165 or by email:

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The Emergency Management Team

Be Prepared, Not Scared,