Police sketches of luring suspect in North Jersey

There have been 15 reported luring attempts in Bergen County since mid-September.  No children have been abducted or harmed and there have been no arrests. Police Departments throughout Bergen County are asking residents to take precautions, especially during the Halloween season.

Bergen County police have released the following composite sketches of suspects.

Northvale PD

Sketch of man suspected of luring four children in Northvale on Tappan Rd on Oct. 24 2012. The man is described as white with blond-brown spiked hair.

Sketch of suspect in Oct. 5 luring attempt in Maywood. The suspect is described as middle-aged, about 5 feet tall, weighing about 160 pounds.

Hackensack PD

Sketch of suspect in luring attempt in Hackensack on Oct. 12. The man was driving a Jeep Wrangler.

New Mildford PD

Sketch of suspect in attempted luring in New Milford on Oct. 18. Man is described as being in mid-40s with brown hair on the sides, thinning or bald on top, with a bad complexion and large nose.

Fort Lee PD

Sketch of suspect in Fort Lee luring attempt.